About Us

Our Vision

Treofab is an online marketplace that gives the consumer the ability to personalize and customize a product of their desire, gives the designer the creative tools and promotional outlet for their designs, and the manufacturers the ability to showcase their materials, finishes, speed, and delivery method. We are a platform for everyone to create, customize, and share their products.

The Proprietary Features

With UV printing and our online customization engine, we tied the design process to the data that drives the machine. We brought vector processing into a cloud-based platform, and can now easily leverage uncommonly used features of UV printing such as creating 2.5D/3D effects and textures.

Our Team

Maximillian Laumeister

Software Engineer

Works on custom software for editing 3D products.

  • Wrote WebGL code using the Three.js library
  • Implemented mouse controls using raytracing
  • Implemented undo/redo stack, delete, change variant, and other interface elements

Kenneth Gordon

Industrial Designer

Create client assets including sketches, mock-ups, and CAD models. Worked with companies like NXP, Fathom Studios, and Nvidia to create prototype assets.

  • Used and furthered experimental technology through the project development process for applying color to existing objects such as 3D prints.
  • Changed designs to better meet the facilities’ hardware constraints resulting in a 20% yield increase in samples and prototypes, with more repeatable results.

Talanda Williams

Full Stack Developer

  • Designed and developed the front-end of Treofab.com using a combination of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (jQuery) built on a responsive framework using Bootstrap 3.
  • Implementation of PHP based API’s to connect to a MySQL database back-end.
  • Provide additional graphics design support and direction for graphical components (UI placement, banners, badges, etc).

Tanner Laverty


Sedny Attia


Education: The University of Oklahoma, Illinois Institute of Technology

“I believe that art and expression will take a new leap. The key is abstracting complexity thru brilliant technology”